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Why Choose Smart Energy USA?

• Smart Energy USA was established in 2005. We currently have 5 locations and growing in California.

• Smart Energy USA offers the most financing options.

•Smart Energy USA is honored to have helped over 6,000 homeowners over the years.

• Smart Energy USA uses no subcontractors.

• Licensed, Insured - Contractor’s Lic# 990049
- General Liability Insurance By Mackie Insurance Brokerage, (916) 933-9213
- Workers’ Comp Insurance by the State Compensation Insurance Fund, (877)405-4545

• A thorough energy analysis of your usage is completed, in detail, to know precisely what size of an array you’ll require.


• We treat both our customers and our employees with respect.

• How can you be sure you’re getting the “Best Price”? Because Smart Energy USA gives you the “Best Price Guarantee".

• Smart Energy USA makes going solar easy. Affordable. And you’ll receive a “Performance Guarantee” in writing.




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